Founder at ProducerLife

Tito Tahan

Founder at ProducerLife

Tito Tahan, is an American multi-Platinum Record Producer, Sync License Expert, and founder at ProducerLife. He gained popularity mostly for his music production in TV Shows and Films heard on BET, MTV, VH1, OWN, HULU, HBO, Netflix, Disney, Lionsgate, Lifetime and more.

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Music Producers

Tito Tahan, speaks on how the pandemic has affected music producers...

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Multi-platinum producer, Tito Tahan, signs Bravenn Dehill to a record deal...

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Multi-Platinum music producer, Tito Tahan, launches record label...

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It’s our unique differences that sets us apart as individuals, and our core values that binds us together as a family. ProducerLife proactively utilizes focused resources on serving our artists, partner labels and community to ensure diversity.

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